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24/7 support for your travel needs

Royal Airport Concierge was established in 2006 to assist high-end travelers with the challenges of increasing airport complexities, overcrowding and security measures.

Our History

Since that time, our business among CEOs, celebrities, family and leaders from a myriad of fields has exploded as our personalized, dependable approach to airline travel has gained traction.
Founder Ron Gorfinkel and his partner Rafael Cattan are based in Washington, DC. Both men have extensive backgrounds in high-level security detail and corporate sales of advanced intelligence, safety and other transportation concerns. Their experience and their foresight has translated into a secure network for business and leisure travelers around the world.
Airport Assistance

Our Market Niche

Our clients at Royal Airport Concierge require secure and stress-free international and domestic travel with first-class support.
It is our mission to provide a seamless travel experience for our clients who are unaccustomed to waiting in long lines or enduring the crowds and chaos of today’s airports. Many of our clients have a high profile in their own countries or within their companies. They often need extra attention when traveling overseas where they are not as well known. These are people who expect and receive the very best treatment in all aspects of their lives.

Our Service

Royal Airport Concierge assures personalized, 24/7 support to accommodate the travel needs of our clients.
We provide global continuity in places where such high-end service cannot be easily coordinated—both internationally and domestically. We work with and extend the support provided by travel agencies, personal assistants and managers. We have representatives at major airports around the world, all of whom understand how to meet the needs of our travelers. From transportation, luggage handling and local concierge assistance, from changes or disruption in flight schedules or other travel plans, we efficiently manage all of our clients’ needs. Working directly with key staff and assistants, we guarantee minimal intrusion on the busy lives of our travelers. Each day, we navigate the obstacles of various languages, cultures and time zones to provide seamless travel for our clients.
qualification of our clients

Our Commitments to Clients

Our entire Royal Airport Concierge staff—as well as our partners around the world—are dedicated to turning our clients’ travel needs into personalized, seamless and stress-free experiences.
It is a testament to our growing business that our clients return to us repeatedly when travel needs arise.